was created and is run by me, brittany! i'm a trekkie, fan of the colour pink, and a weird gay canadian residing in vancouver, british columbia. omg this sounds like the start of a resume. anyway

back in 2018, i started posting the goofy stuff i was making on twitter. my friends immediately asked if they could buy my art. since i live in vancouver and pay a lot for rent, i was like, "oh dope, i could actually make money doing something i like" and boom, here we are.
what started as a resin business turned into enamel pin making, prints, and digital art.

biniland is run by me, but i couldn't do it without some very important people: robyn — whose work you can find in the hybirdi section of the site — and my wife, sam, who listens to every apeshit idea i have and supports me endlessly. our incredily patient friend and roommate emily — who also does digital art! — rounds out our crew.

thank you so much for visiting the site and supporting me. when i say it means the world to me, please know that i mean it. none of this would be possible without you.

keep it weird,