where's my order?

let's find out!

  • if you've received a shipping notification: that means i've printed off your order's shipping label and am preparing to package your order.
  • if your shipping notification says it's delayed: no worries! that just means your order is awaiting scan at the post office. i drop packages off in chunks, so sometimes it takes a day or two for them all to get scanned in and sent on their merry way.
  • if your order has been delayed for more than a week (and does not contain a pre-order item): contact me!

will you make a pin of [insert thing here]?

pins are VERY expensive to make, package, and ship! i'd love to be able to make whatever pops into my head, but that's not a reality right now. however, i am working towards building my business enough to fund whatever pin i want or is most requested. if you want to help with that, join my patreon!

P R E - O R D E R S

when will my pre-order item ship?

GREAT QUESTION pre-order pins mean that you're funding the pin's production! most pins are funded in a day, and swiftly go into production after that. production takes about a month, depending on the pin. the pin's timeline will be posted on each pin's listing! please allow 2 months for production, packaging, and shipping to you. i know, that's a long time! but trust me, it's worth the wait.

if my cart contains other items in addition to a pre-order item, will they ship together?

yes! if you don't want to wait to get the rest of your stuff, please place separate orders! if you're cool waiting, then your entire order will ship when the pre-order item is finished.

i have multiple orders in. can you merge them together?

yes! leave a note in your order and i'll merge them together and refund you the shipping for the additional orders!


what does uninsured, untracked mean next to the letter mail option?

letter mail is the cheapest method for me to ship you your order. however, it also means that it's quite literally going in the mail like a letter does. i have no information — or tracking — for your order once i pop it in the mailbox. by choosing letter mail, you accept that your order is uninsured and thus cannot be replaced or refunded if it's lost or delayed. this the only way i can offer affordable shipping at this time without going broke replacing lost orders.

do you have cheaper international shipping available?

sadly, no. i really wish i did. the prices you're seeing are the cheapest i was able to get for you. i am always on the lookout for cheaper options, however!

do you offer free shipping?

yes! i offer free shipping on orders over $150USD! since shipping costs me an arm and a leg from canada, that's the only free shipping option i can offer at this time.