P R E - O R D E R S

what does a pre-order mean?

for any product that costs a lot to make, pre-orders are crucial to funding the production and creation of it. enamel pin pre-orders pay for the manufacturing cost of striking a mold, casting metal, filling enamel (and other expensive effects, including screenprinting), adding posts or magnets, and polishing, as well as shipping to me for inspection, grading, and fulfillment. a run of 50 or so pins can cost UP TO $1500 to make, depending on how complicated and big the pin is. that isn't always the case, but bigger pins do cost more.

does every pin that you put up for pre-order get made?

so far, yes! some may take longer than others, depending on how fast it's funded. once the pin is fully paid for, i put it into production and the production timeline then begins.

why are pre-orders cheaper than in-hand pins?

i price pre-orders at a lower price to thank buyers for believing in the design and funding the production of the item. pre-order buyers are integral to the creation of my work and i always look for ways to thank those buyers for that trust!

hang on, what's an in-hand pin?

that's a pin that has completed production and is in my possession for a shop drop! i physically have it in-hand.

how long are pre-orders open for?

depends on the item! enamel pin pre-orders close once production is finished and the pins are on their way to me. big pins with lots of effects (say, over 3 inches with screenprint) take MUCH longer to make. some take 6 months to complete, some take only 2 or 3, so pre-orders will stay open during that window (or until they sell out). i will give lots of warning before closing pre-orders and planning an in-hand drop!

when will my pre-order item ship?

GREAT QUESTION the pin's timeline will be posted on each pin's listing! for large, intricate pins with lots of effects, please allow up to 6 months (I KNOW, I KNOW) for that pin to shop. for all-metal pins, it'll be minimum 2 months for production, packaging, and shipping to you. those timelines can change depending on the factory, speed the pin is made, and how complicated the pin is to make and grade. i know, that's a long time! but TRUST ME, it's worth the wait.

if my cart contains other items in addition to a pre-order item, will they ship together?

yes! if you don't want to wait to get the rest of your stuff, please place separate orders! if you're cool waiting, then your entire order will ship when the pre-order item is finished.

i have multiple orders in. can you merge them together?

yes! leave a note in your order and i'll merge them together and refund you the shipping for the additional orders!



where's my order?

let's find out!

  • if you've received a shipping notification: that means i've printed off your order's shipping label and am preparing to package your order.
  • if your shipping notification says it's delayed: no worries! that just means your order is awaiting scan at the post office. i drop packages off in chunks, so sometimes it takes a day or two for them all to get scanned in and sent on their merry way.
  • if your order has been delayed for more than a week (and does not contain a pre-order item): contact me!

what shipping option should i choose if i want tracking?

always look for "tracked packet" when choosing your preferred shipping option. i ship via canada post, which doesn't provide tracking for their base shipping rates. i know. i don't like them, either, but it's what i'm stuck with up here! choosing tracking will ensure you're able to keep an eye on your order all the way to your house. if you opt for "small packet," you won't receive tracking and i won't be able to help you track your order down if it goes missing.

what happens if my order goes missing?

once your order leaves my hands and enters the postal system, i have no way of retrieving it or tracking it down. it's out of my hands! literally! i already said that. anyway. if you believe your order has been lost, please contact your local post office. if you still can't find it, contact me and i'll see what i can do. 

do you have cheaper international shipping available?

sadly, no. i really wish i did. the prices you're seeing are the cheapest i was able to get for you. i am always on the lookout for cheaper options, however!

do you offer free shipping?

yes! i offer free shipping on orders over $150USD! since shipping costs me an arm and a leg from canada, that's the only free shipping option i can offer at this time.


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